Promote an agile way of working in the company

Looping makes it easy for employees to gather feedback early and independently.

Looping stimulates feedback culture

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Spread feedback culture organically

With Looping, users invite new members to the feedback community to receive their input. The feedback culture spreads automatically within the company.

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Monitor cultural change

How often and where is feedback asked for in the company? Looping makes the activity transparent and shows how far the agile transformation has progressed.

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Making knowledge accessible

The Looping feedback community offers every employee access to different perspectives and expertise from other areas of the company.

How Looping promotes agile working

What feedback culture coaches say about Looping

The ability to accept customer feedback and thereby further develop ideas is part of the basic behaviour of an innovator. Thanks to Looping, my workshop participants can gather feedback from potential customers and further develop their ideas during the 2-day workshop.

Xavier Garcia-Weibel

Innovation leadership coach and workshop facilitator — Soultricity