Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Data export

How do I export prototypes and feedback and save them locally?

On the results page of each prototype you uploaded or gave feedback on, you will find the Export function to the left of the title. If you select it, Looping automatically creates an Excel file with the prototype (images or links to audio, video, web content) and all feedback.

Contract / Invoice

How can I subscribe?

After you tested Looping, we will put together an individual package based on the size of your Looping community and finalize the subscription with you. You will then receive an invoice either electronically or by mail.

Do I have to pay the invoice for the respective month in advance?

No. We issue invoices at the end of the month based on the active subscription.

Will the community be deleted if the payment is not made?

No. If the payment is not successful, the community will not be deleted. However, the status of the community is set to inactive and no new prototypes can be submitted.

How can I change my subscription?

If you have a standard subscription, you can easily make adjustments at any point of time (at the end of the month we will bill you according to the subscription of the previous month).

What happens after the end of the test phase? Will my community be deleted automatically?

No. We're not deleting the community. Please contact us to set up a subscription.

What happens if the user volume defined in the subscription has been reached?

The community is not automatically closed. You can continue to work with a larger community than the subscription allows. In this case we will contact you to adjust the subscription.

The standard subscription is not sufficient for my planned community. What can I do?

If there is no standard package that fits the size of the company or the planned community, please contact us so that we can offer you a customized package.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Standard subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but cancelation will only become effective at the end of the month. Cancel by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

My company is not based in Switzerland. In which currency will the invoice be issued?

By default we charge in CHF. If required, an invoice in EUR and USD can also be considered (based on the exchange rate valid on the invoice date).


What about security?

We are committed to building a secure platform that complies with strict security regulations. We also perform well in external penetration tests.

Where is my data stored?

Looping runs via Swisscom's Application Cloud, which is hosted via Swisscom's data centres located in Switzerland. Swisscom is ISO 27001 (IT security), 20000 (ITSM) and 15504 (SPICE) certified. All data is transmitted SSL-/TLS-encrypted.

Does Creaholic have access to the content?

No. We only see the overall statistics regarding the number of users, prototypes and feedback. This helps us develop Looping in the right direction for our users.


Why do the numbers on the overview tab in the admin panel not match the number of members and prototypes?

The numbers are updated once a day and show the total number of users, prototypes and feedback (including deleted posts). The other numbers are updated constantly and reflect the current status.


How can I add new members?

You can either invite someone into the community or send them a prototype request (invitation included). The second option is much more appealing to new users.

What is the incentive for my colleagues to give feedback?

In our experience, employees (also from other departments) are keen on participating and giving feedback, as this keeps them up to date on what is happening in the company.

How can I help the community grow?

The best approach is sending out prototypes (which always contains invitations). This can be done together with an email or after a workshop.


Can I send a prototype request to a colleague who is not a member of the community?

Even if the co-workers are not yet part of the community, a feedback request can be sent to them (they will receive a registration link at the same time).

Can I send a customer a prototype?

Yes. The admin panel has an "External" section. Here you can invite people from outside of the company to form your own feedback groups.

Can I give anonymous feedback?

If you are asked to give feedback on a prototype that has been sent to the entire community, you can tick the corresponding box to give anonymous feedback. However, this is not possible if you have been personally asked for feedback.

Why should I provide information such as my age, gender, technical affinity, and areas of expertise?

We ask users to provide this information in order to make it possible for prototypes to be sent to a specific professional community and then to communities that can be subdivided by age, gender and technical affinity.

I'm getting too many feedback requests. What can I do?

You can have the feedback requests bundled so that you receive an email from Looping only once a day. You can find this function in your profile settings.

Is there a Looping app?

Looping is an internet-based platform. This offers numerous advantages, for example that you don't need to install an app to give feedback.

Does Looping run on all browsers?

Yes, but the browser should always be kept up to date.

I made a mistake while uploading the prototype. What can I do?

Contact the administrator responsible for the community and ask him to delete the prototype.

How long will my login session remain active?

If you are logged in on a device, the login remains active for 30 days. This has the advantage that you only have to log in again if you have deliberately logged out, cleared the browser cache or switched the device.


Looping isn't work right. What can I do?

Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] and put the contact person in CC.

How quickly will my request be processed?

We will get back to you within eight hours from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. CET.

Will I be informed if the platform is out of order due to maintenance?

We will inform the community administrator about planned maintenance work in advance.


There already are some prototyping tools (e.g. InVision). What is the difference?

Unlike many/most prototyping tools (e.g. for clickable prototypes), looping can be used much earlier in the development process. Once you have an initial idea (drawing, model, etc.), you can simply ask for feedback. Ask the community with only a few clicks, upload a picture or video or add a URL.