With Looping you can get feedback easily, quickly and safely

3 steps, 90 seconds and lots of feedback to get you ahead.

Upload prototype

Upload an early version of your idea or concept (photo, drawing, link, etc.) to the Looping platform of your organization.

Required time: 60 seconds

Choose audience

Select who you would like to receive feedback from: the entire internal community, your user-defined groups, experts or external feedback providers.

Required time: 30 seconds

Get feedback

Get real-time feedback with a rating and a comment. The insights you gain will help you refine and develop your prototype.

You'll have your feedback within a maximum of 48 hours

Step 1:
Upload your concept or idea

  • You can upload images, videos, audio files or links to websites
  • You can also ask your own questions should you want feedback on specific aspects
  • Looping helps you explain your concept, so that you get useful feedback

Step 2:
Choose your audience

You can choose who you want feedback from.

  • From all Looping users of your organization, i.e. the entire Looping Community
  • From experts on a certain topic such as sales, design etc.
  • From your own user-defined groups
  • From external community members, e.g. customers

Step 3:
Evaluate feedback and implement improvements

  • Looping sends out the prototype and collects feedback from the selected people.
  • The incoming feedbacks can be viewed directly after the upload
  • The clearly laid out analyses make it easy to process the feedback

See examples of how Looping is used

Develop marketing material

Fast and easy pre-testing of ideas and concepts.

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Encourage agile working

Allowing employees to obtain early feedback independently.

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Foster innovation

Improve and develop ideas and concepts through rapid feedback.

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How we use Looping

With Looping you can get feedback on almost anything. We also use it to improve our everyday office life.

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