In this connected world, customers decide very rapidly whether or not they buy a product. They also share their opinions about products and services with many other people around the world. It’s therefore more important than ever for companies today to test new ideas fast and to get feedback early. That’s why we launched Looping Enterprise in February 2016. Looping is a web application that makes it easy for companies to get early feedback from their own employees and to discover if potential customers like their ideas for new offers.

As a next step, we will launched Looping for a public community, so that everyone who wants feedback on their work will be able to request it from a worldwide community. As a user, you will not only get feedback on your work, but will also be asked to give feedback to other users. That’s the principle of Looping: to give and receive feedback.

At Swisscom, prototyping has a long tradition. We’ve developed new products as well as new stores with this methodology. We believe that great products always start with early feedback. Two years ago we even developed our own prototyping toolkit, so that every employee can develop a prototype of an app or website, show it to customers on a smartphone, tablet or desktop and receive immediate customer feedback.With Looping, we have completed the feedback journey by giving everyone in our company the ability to upload their prototypes and easily get early feedback. As well as bringing significant cost reductions, it also makes receiving feedback more fun for everybody.

Looping enables you to easily get the feedback you need in order to improve. As a matter of fact, all you need to do is upload your prototype. Looping will handle everything else, from providing suitable questions for your prototype and collecting feedback from your colleagues, from experts or from our worldwide community.

Let’s loop!

Get your hands on Looping before everyone else