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Easily collect feedback

With just a few mouse clicks, Looping collects valuable feedback on your ideas and concepts.

Feedback Community

New perspectives thanks to a feedback community

Use the knowledge of the entire company to improve your concepts.


Well structured results, better decisions

Facts instead of opinions. Thanks to Looping's analysis capabilities, you will be able to make better decisions.

Frequently asked questions

Unlike many/most prototyping tools (e.g. for clickable prototypes), Looping can be used much earlier in the development process. Once you have an initial idea (drawing, model, etc.), you can ask for feedback. Ask the community with a few clicks, upload a picture or video or add a URL.

From our experience, employees (also from other departments) are very interested in participating and giving feedback, as this keeps them up to date on what is happening in the company.

The best approach is to send a prototype (which always contains an invitation). This can for example be done together with an e-mail or after a workshop.

Looping runs via Swisscom's Application Cloud, which is hosted at Swisscom data centres located in Switzerland. Swisscom is ISO 27001 (IT security), 20000 (ITSM) and 15504 (SPICE) certified. All data is transmitted SSL-/TLS-encrypted.

After the test phase ends you may continue to use Looping if you set up a subscription for your community. Your test community will remain and can be used again as soon as the subscription begins.
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